Membership of the Native Woodlands Discussion Group is for individuals.  We don't offer corporate membership, as the whole idea of the group is for members to share their own thoughts and opinions about woodlands, unconstrained by the 'party line' of any organisation or agency.
Members are entitled to:
  • Two Newsletters every year, in spring and autumn
  • Attendance at the annual Woodland History Conference at the members' rate
  • PDF file of the Proceedings of each Woodland History Conference
All members are eligible to attend the annual excursion and any workshops or other NWDG events.
Annual subscription rates are 20 for ordinary membership, 30 for family membership and 12 for those under 25 years of age.  All rates are discounted by 2 for those subscribing by standing order.

If you subscribe between now and 31 December 2017 your first subscription will entitle you to membership until 31 December 2018.

Click subscription_2018.doc to download the subscription form.


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